Offbeat Music is an entertainment agency made by the artists for the artists.


Nobody like an artist may know how it works out there in the entertainment world.

Because we live everything about it on our own skin and it becomes part of us.

And because our job is our passion and our life.

That’s why we take this business damn serious and we leave nothing unsaid or unorganised.

That’s why our priorities are bi-directional, always in advantage of both the artists and the venues.

That’s why when it gets down to quality we fear no comparisons, and we accept no compromise:

it is gonna be about our idea of quality or it is gonna be just nothing.



An agency which is run by a group of artists with an entrepreneurial attitude makes it so that a booking becomes way more than just an agreement with the venue.

It’s the start of a relationship, based on love for what both the counterparts do.

The venue gives us an opportunity and Offbeat makes simply the best out of it.

Thanks to Offbeat, every venue or festival or event is gonna shine like no other.

That’s how we pay back to those who trust us.

It’s all about love in the end, as it has to and will always be.


First of all thanks to our artists, who represent a fine selection of the best in the international emerging music scenario.

Then thanks to our Promotion & Marketing team, from graphic designers to web developers, from campaign designers to online marketeers, from digital marketing to printed materials and their distribution. 

Every aspect of Promotion & Marketing is accurately developed and represents a big deal of an Offbeat event’s success.

Last but not least, our efficiency in event management, again gained on the road thanks to years and years of expertise as artists, producers, roadies, tour managers.

Everything is taken care of, down to the smallest detail and the last decimal number in the administration.

Once the event is closed there are only great memories left, no strings attached but the wish to start all over again as soon as possibile.

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